• Demand Response Paradox
    Demand Response Paradox

    Demand response is not a new concept. The balance of supply and demand is essential for any market and demand response (DR) has provided a method for reducing demand in the electrical grid at points (and times) where supply is limited. It has been a useful tool till now, but our power system is changing. Download the full report.

  • Smart Meter Portal
    Smart Meter Portal

    Though many utilities rightly see the impending arrival of solar-plus-battery grid parity as a threat, they could also see such systems as an opportunity to add value to the grid and their business models.

  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure
    Advanced Metering Infrastructure

    On 3rd September 2015, Australian Utility Week together with our Utility Leaders Breakfast Sponsor, Opower hosted a VIP Breakfast Forum in Melbourne which was dedicated to AMI customer engagement and empowerment.

  • Digital Water
    Digital Water

    "Water utilities are heavily asset-based companies and any investments to increase capacity or replace existing assets can be astronomical."