Digital Innovation – Blockchain startups - Show us the money!

This newsletter is designed for executives who work in the digital water or energy sector. We focus on the practical implications of using transformational technology.
Introduction to Digital Natives
Here is our first e-zine. We organise 2 expos dedicated to the digital water and energy sectors and focus on innovations that have the potential to radically change how utilities operate: Asian Utility Week on 27-28 June in Bangkok; and Australian Utility Week on 21-22 November in Melbourne.
We find that as we build our shows, we uncover numerous stories that could be useful for the wider market.  We are all ears for stories that make a difference in people’s lives – whether from the utility side or from the customer perspective. We welcome contributions from our market and encourage left-field viewpoints. I’m especially interested in stories from ‘Skunk Works’ - digital innovation labs within utilities or outsiders who service utilities. Your challenges are just as fascinating as your successes. Write to me here: .


Rod McLauchlan
Event Director

Digital Innovation – Blockchain startups - Show us the money!
Today we look at smart energy blockchains and ask the question, where is the money?

The block chain theme is one of our most popular matching the rise of the prosumer movement.  We have featured presentations from the likes of LO3 Energy from the US, PowerLedger from Australia, and Energo Labs from China. The principals at these companies have set up test projects to gain experience and brand identity in the industry to be well-positioned when a killer blockchain application emerges. Read more >>>

Digital Utility Expo – Speaker Gallery
We are pleased to profile new speakers across our expos that play a key role in delivering digital transformation strategies within their organisation. If you sign up for our shows, you can meet them in person. 

Digital Insights from our Event Partners and Industry Commentators
The Cloud Awaits: Utilities’ Cloud Computing Opportunity. White Paper delivered by ClickSoftware.
Cloud computing continues to gain traction in businesses of every kind. Seventy-two percent of
companies have at least one application (such as a CRM) or a portion of their computing infrastructure (such as application development and testing) hosted in the cloud, according to a 2015 survey of IT professionals by IDG Enterprise, that’s up from 57 percent in 2012. The survey found more enterprises are moving from planning and testing to deploying applications and computing resources in the cloud, with investments among large firms tied to benefits such as replacing legacy technology, improving business agility, gaining capabilities faster, lowering costs and saving on capital expenditures. Read more >>>

Digital Hero Spotlight – Australian Startup

Ben Chester
Co-Founder and COO
Locality Planning Energy (LPE), Australia

Ben entered the world of engineering with eyes to deliver renewable projects from the get go. Designing structure elements for full scale wind farms and utility scale solar, as well as designing numerous bespoke and now mass produced structure components for all facets of energy generation systems. Organically moving to the consumer retail side, Ben and co-founder Damien Glanville developed in LPE a unique yet collaborative approach to delivering efficiency to embedded networks mainly focused on high density living this model allows scaled delivery of value and service levels and on-site generation otherwise not possible in the sector. Key Insight – More data does not always mean more information. Read more >>>

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