Digital Natives - 11 June 2018

Rod McLauchlan, Show Director APAC, Digital Utility Expo
This newsletter is designed for executives who work in the digital water or energy sector. It goes out to 40,000 executives across APAC. We focus on the practical implications of using transformational technology. We welcome contributions from our market and encourage left-field personal viewpoints.  Remember your challenges are just as interesting as your successes. Write to me here:
Guest Commentary: 

Customers are set to rule the world of energy by Steve Lennon, Digital Partner, Cognizant Technology Solution

Over 80% of utilities think that the growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) will have an evolutionary or transformative impact on their business – 56% think it will be transformational.
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Digital Hero Spotlight

Rui Beon, CEO,BeON Energy, Portugal

BeOn is a company developing solar technologies and it’s the first company in the world developing and producing PV panel integrated controllable microinverters. Read more >>>

How to avoid a Goat Rodeo in digital strategy - Digital KPIs

‘Digital Transformation’ is all the rage in the IT industry with many differing opinions on best practices for digitally transforming a workplace. However, very few organizations openly speak of the mistakes they have made on their path to transforming, including how they have either come back from, or narrowly avoided, a digital disaster.
According to an IDC report, 25 percent of technology projects fail outright; 20 to 25 percent don’t show any return on investment; and as much as 50 percent need massive reworking by the time they’re finished. IDC’s Asia-Pacific 2017 C-suite barometer shows that 78% of organisations lack a digital mindset, with change management, lack of executive commitment and limited organisational capabilities hindering their ability to accelerate digital transformation.
True digital transformation is not a one-off program: it’s about continuous evolution. It has the ability to deal with uncertainty and respond quickly to change. Organisations need digital transformation KPIs that can communicate the real-time nature of future enterprise. These digital KPIs need to include financial, business and operational KPIs, and they need to be developed for each part of the new digital business. And they need to be taken seriously.
Does your organisation use digital KPIs for business transformation? Have you created a digital special projects team that reports to the CEO and operates across divisions? We would like to hear from you about how your organisation develops processes and culture to “get digital done”. We are especially keen to hear about your experience of goat rodeos. Write to me here:

Speaker Gallery

We organise 2 expos dedicated to the digital water and energy sectors and focus on innovations that have the potential to radically change how utilities operate: Asian Utility Week on 27-28 June in Bangkok; and Australian Utility Week on 21-22 November in Melbourne. Here we profile new speakers across our expos that play a key role in delivering digital transformation strategies within their organisation. If you sign up for our shows, you can meet them in person.  Utilities get free tickets!
Geoff Purcell
Melbourne Water
Warodom Khamphanchai
Lead Developer,
Smart Home Project
  Wallop Kittiwiwat
 Deputy Governor Operation and Maintenance
Australian Utility Week
  Asian Utility Week   Asian Utility Week
Frank Zeichner
IoT Alliance Australia
  Paul Scanlan
Director of Energy Markets
Derek McKay
ERM Power 
Australian Utility Week   Asian Utility Week   Australian Utility Week
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