Digital Natives - Disruption in Water; Smart Buildings; John Walsh - National Grid

Rod McLauchlan, Show Director APAC, Digital Utility Expo
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Guest Commentary: 

The Four Top Trends Shaping the Building Energy Management Industry
by Steve Nguyen, VP of Product & Marketing,BuildingIQ, USA

Many factors influence the building energy management industry on an on-going basis—some are specific to the field, some spurred by the broader tech industry. Read more >>>
Digital Hero Spotlight

John Walsh, Future Control Strategy Manager, National Grid, UK

John Walsh is the Future Control Strategy Manager for National Grid’s Electricity System Operator and has more than twenty five year’s experience in system operation. Read more >>>

Utilities and Digital Metering Ecosystems – Get ready for disruption in Water!
Thanks to a number of market disruptors, energy utilities are no longer in a position to simply collect the cheque. Vast changes in innovation, consumer demand and expectations, as well as regulatory pressures are transforming what utility companies need to do in order to survive and thrive.
In contrast, the pace of change in the water sector has been surprisingly slow.  Not for long. The transformation in the water sector is gaining momentum due to a number of factors such as rising customer expectations, escalating water costs, decaying infrastructure, strained supplies and depleted groundwater sources.
Water utilities are looking to use smarter technologies and programmes to improve operational efficiencies and reduce water losses. Advanced metering infrastructure will help these utilities tackle ongoing non-revenue water challenges, customer frustration and rising operational costs. There will be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ as the industry transforms and it’s likely that the smooth implementation of AMI and IoT networks will be a key determinant of success.
The deployment of AMI across IoT networks helps to reduce meter data collection costs and pinpoint distribution losses. Energy utilities are ahead in smart meter adoption but the gap is expected to narrow. AMI will also create a more customer-centric model, enabling customers to manage consumption better and they can look forward to a better level of service from their utility.
If you are involved with digital water AMI programs, we are keen to profile how you structure your systems and extract value from your analytics programs. Write to me here:

Speaker Gallery

We organise 2 expos dedicated to the digital water and energy sectors and focus on innovations that have the potential to radically change how utilities operate: Asian Utility Week on 27-28 June in Bangkok; and Australian Utility Week on 21-22 November in Melbourne. Here we profile new speakers across our expos that play a key role in delivering digital transformation strategies within their organisation. If you sign up for our shows, you can meet them in person.  Utilities get free tickets!
Cameron McLean
Yarra Valley Water
Tadashi Okabe
Telecommunications Network
Engineering Center
TEPCO Power Grid
  Rajesh Rao
Director - Business Development
Fiorano Software
Australian Utility Week
  Asian Utility Week   Asian Utility Week
Ron Beatt
 Principal Adviser
 Electricity Authority
 New Zealand
  Tran Duc Thinh
 Deputy Director of IT
Ivan Beirne
 Manager Asset Knowledge & Performance
Australian Utility Week   Asian Utility Week   Australian Utility Week
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