Water Agenda

Topics on water include:

  • KEYNOTE: Strategies for Customer Engagement in a Digital World
  • KEYNOTE: Customers, technology and business case development in Australia
  • How the demand for customer satisfaction is driving digital transformation across utilities
  • Enabling customers to access their data using new channels, with new insights
  • How to more effectively utilize analytics, automation, and platforms for the workforce
  • Data Driven Platforms - Optimising the Business Intelligence user experience
  • Focus Group 3: Digital Water Customers First
  • KEYNOTE: How can water companies close the gap on wider market leaders?
  • KEYNOTE Creating a service delivery vision for the IoT & how you should future proof 
  • Developing new digital channels and real-time personalised offers
  • Disrupting the water sector with tech-driven customer experience
  • Unlocking the power of customer engagement using machine learning insights
  • What new customer information will be available to suppliers with smart meters?
  • Optimising the customer journey in a digital world: Installation, billing, and renewal
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