Smart Grid & Digital Meters

If you want the full potential of smart network infrastructure, whether it’s the Smart Electricity Grid or the Intelligent Water Network, you need to judge the timing of investment and the best choice of technology partners. You also need to get the right balance between the cost-benefit to your company as well as the wider network and society. On top of all this, there is the big challenge of delivering the necessary upgrades efficiently and on time.

This stream is all about getting the right balance of smart network investment to match your budget and the future needs of your utility and customers. It’s also about the practical implementation issues you are likely to encounter during your build-ups. The introduction of the digital meter for consumer engagement, dynamic pricing, and home automation means that consumers also have a central role in the envisioned smart grid. We target the Smart Grid and Digital Meters sector in 2 streams which go across 2 days of the Expo and feature 40 expert speakers.

Key things you will learn from Smart Grid & Meters stream:

  • How to improve the ROI of smart network infrastructure for both power and water sectors to maximise investments in AMI analytics, IoT networks, and Distributed Grid integration.

  • How utilities are creating effective communication networks and control platforms to better integrate the utility sector with its customers and assets.

This is for professionals in:

Smart Grid-Meter Managers: Meter Asset Management; AMI Strategists; Intelligent Networks;  Energy Data Management; Asset Tracking; Monitoring and Control; Customer Engagement; Innovation; System Integration; Metering Services; Customer Analytics; Network Services; Smart Grid Development; Future Grid Research; Smart Grid Solutions; Big Data Analytics; IoT Analytics; Metering Software Solutions; Distribution Management; Smart Grid Deployment; AMI/AMR Solutions; Engineering Solutions; Sensor Networks; Digital Energy Transformation; Smart Grid Communications; Networking Technologies; Meter Data Management; CTO; Network Intelligence; CIO; Home Networking; Embedded Software; Smart Grid Architecture; Control Systems; Sensor Networks; Data Management; Smart Asset Management; Operational Intelligence; Load Management Systems; Time of Use Metering; Distribution Grid Automation; Smart Meter Programs; Smart Metering Security; Digital Risk Management; Information Security; Digital Grid Department; Home Area Networks

Technology Developers: AMI Manufacturers; Meter Testing; Smart Grid Advisors; Meter Services; IoT Networks & Controls; SaaS Cloud Platforms; Network Security;  Billing Services; ICT Integrators; Big Data Analytics; Security

Policy Influencers: Electricity Regulators; Energy Agency & Industry Initiatives Program Managers; Research Institutions; M2M-IoT Associations & Metering Standards Associations 

Investors: Financiers; Project Developers; Accelerators; Utility JV Partners; Smart Energy Funds; & Assistance Schemes

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Metering, T&D & IoT/Communication Networks

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