This is Initiate!

With the utility industry transforming, comes the opportunity for the next generation tech and young talent to play a major role in facilitating innovation and change. Initiate! is dedicated entirely to bringing about change and encouraging growth within the utility industry through innovation, passion, inclusion and diversification. 

In the complex environment in which the industry finds itself, the need for innovation and change is apparent and happening. By adopting new technologies, acquiring new talents or forming new partnerships, the industry can be empowered to create positive change. Initiating a community to help support and stimulate this change and drive the industry forward, is relevant, timely and smart!

The Initiate! Programme contributes by connecting all levels of the smart energy community. The programme encourages discussion, challenges ideas and helps the industry visualise what the future could look like! 

The support and inclusion of all players in the eco-system is very necessary to facilitate this change. Initiate! is a platform for startups, students, young professionals and established professionals alike to come together to help stimulate innovation and work towards a common goal. Equally necessary to make a sustainable impact are the social and cultural drivers to help facilitate a change in mind-set and provide guidance to enhance the image of the utility sector. A paradigm shift.

Initiate! at Australian Utility Week is where bright minds of the future gather to discuss, share and pilot ideas and innovations with the more established professionals from the industry.