Field Operations

Collecting, sharing and analyzing data across a very large geographical area can be complicated and daunting. However managing and exploiting massive amounts of customer and network operations data is vital for utility companies to drive organization-wide business decisions and leverage critical business advantages. Collaboration is more than a technical architecture, solution, or product. It is the shared experience that integrates people, processes, and technology.

This stream focuses on the technology and people management strategies used within the context of field operations. It covers smartphones, tablets and FSM systems that connect to ERP systems. It also covers the emerging dynamic duo of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and GIS for field data capture and asset inspection. We include case studies that show how a successfully integrated field data strategy drives new value. We target the Mobile Field Operations sector in 2 streams which go across 2 days of the Expo and feature 40 expert speakers.

Key things you will learn from Field Operation stream:

  • How to transform mobile and field data into real time actionable information to improve workforce effectiveness, asset management and customer-stakeholder collaboration.
  • How drones and software integration strategies can help to modernise asset monitoring strategies

This is for professionals in:

FSM & Field Data Operations: Enterprise Mobility; Asset Management & Maintenance; Meter Implementation; Fleet Management, GIS Information Management; Workforce Optimisation;  Utility Network Data; Field Service Management; Field Operations; Field Services IT; Mobile Workforce; Digital Transformation; Infrastructure Operations; Data Centre; Chief Architect; Enterprise Infrastructure; Wireless Provisioning; Corporate Solutions; Mobility Leader; Enterprise Architecture; Logistics Management; Application Systems; CTO; Application Development; Chief Architect; Technical Engineering; Unified Communication; Workplace Solutions; Enterprise Management; Business Transformation; Master Data Governance; Strategic Innovation; Applications and Shared Services; Business Engagement; Cyber Security; Mobile Computing; Commercial Operations; Information Systems; Emerging Technology; Infrastructure and Telecoms; Digital Field Worker

Technology Developers: FSM Software; Mobile Enterprise Integrators; GIS-GPS Software Services; Workforce  Management; Fleet Management; UAS Vendors; IT Integrators; Ruggedized Equipment; Field Data Management; Cloud Data Analytics; Enterprise Operations Platforms; Systems Development

Policy Influencers: Electricity Regulators; Energy Agency & Industry Initiatives Program Managers; Research Institutions; FSM Consulting Services; Mobility Associations; and GIS Associations 

Investors: Financiers; Project Developers; Accelerators; Utility JV Partners; Smart Energy Funds; Assistance Schemes

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Roderic McLauchlan
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FSM/Mobility, GIS

Cizlie Sunto
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Khairunnisa Abd-llah
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