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Digital Utility Expo, Asia & Australasia

This newsletter is designed for executives who work in the digital water or energy sector. It goes out to 40,000 executives across APAC. We focus on the practical implications of using transformational technology and include personal stories from people at the cutting edge of change.

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Virtual Power Plant models and the digital energy marketplace

The electricity sector has witnessed rapid growth in new, less capital-intensive business models that leverage digital technologies to provide system and consumer services. One such approach is the VPP model, that aggregates and trades small-scale energy resources on wholesale markets, creating revenue streams for owners of distributed generation, battery storage and demand response, by providing coordinated balancing and ancillary services to grid operators. Read more >>

Przemek Tomczak
, Senior Vice-President of Internet of Things and Utilities, Kx Systems

Kate Jory, Business Development Director, South Korea, Kx Systems

Kx Insights: How Prosumers are driving Big Data Innovation at Utilities
Prosumers in the utility sector, who both produce and consume electricity, are increasingly influencing how utilities are interacting with rate payers. These clients utilize distributed renewable energy resources to produce energy, both for themselves and for the grid, and actively monitor and manage their own energy use.

Their unique ability to return power to the grid introduces a bi-directional flow of energy where there was formerly “one-way traffic.” This poses a coordination challenge, as the energy sector’s traditional supply-and-demand management approaches are forced into new and challenging territories.


Here we profile speakers at Australian Utility Week that play a key role in delivering digital transformation strategies within their organisation. If you sign up for our show, you can meet them in person.
Angela Lam
Horizon Power

Mimi Zhang
Software Applications Lead
Itron, USA

Subbi Lakshmanan
SVP, Digital Innovation & Products
Wipro Technologies, India


Rachael Nuttall
Business Development Manager
SUEZ Water, Australia & NZ


Katharine Walker-Meed
Head of Innovation, Digital
Watercare Services, NZ


Jessica Seares
Manager, Remote Communities Program

Horizon Power


Mantas Aleks, BDM, WePower Network, Australia
Blockchain-based green energy trading platform
WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It helps renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens. WePower connects energy buyers (end users and investors) directly with the green energy producers and creates an opportunity to purchase energy upfront at below market rates. WePower has developed Ethereum Smart Energy contract tokens to standardize, simplify and globally open currently existing energy investment ecosystem. Energy tokenisation ensures liquidity and extends access to capital... Read more>>
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