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Rod McLauchlan, Show Director APAC, Digital Utility Expo
This newsletter is designed for executives who work in the digital water or energy sector. It goes out to 40,000 executives across APAC. We focus on the practical implications of using transformational technology. We welcome contributions from our market and encourage left-field personal viewpoints.  Remember your challenges are just as interesting as your successes. Write to me here:
Guest Commentary: 

Towards managing a more renewable, decentralized and digitalized power system

Elia and the Belgian DSOs have deployed a datahub that is shared by all system operators to support electrical flexibility.
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Digital Hero Spotlight

Ping Ju (Rubio) YOU, Industrial IoT Automation Specialist,Evercomm, Singapore

He currently manages hundreds of critical equipment assets in real-time across multiple geography location. 
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What’s the difference between a CIO, CTO, CDO, CMO and CXO?

Remember when it was routine for utilities to make the CFO the Head of IT? I guess this was because IT projects were expensive and cost control was a core requirement. It certainly reinforced the idea that IT was a low valued business partner. Now things are different. IT is more commonly a driver to new business opportunities and is considered essential for successful customer engagement. A new army of digital specialists have been created to manage the new digital business strategy.
Today we often see a dedicated Chief Information Officer job title. In around 60% of cases, this person will be included on the corporate website as a senior leader, on an equal level to those who look after staff, customers or finance.  The CIO and CTO roles tend to blend into one another. In some companies, one function reports to the other. In others they are kept separate.
Recently, there have been other senior job titles emerge in the digital space – perhaps a level down from the CIO-CTO, but with a public profile closely linked with customer innovation. The newest title is the Chief Digital Officer. I like what was written by Anurag Harsh, CMO of IPsoft who I think captures perfectly the role of the CDO:

The Chief Digital Officer differs from the other Cs in that it is not “functional”. In many ways it resembles the role of the CEO but with a digital focus. Chief Digital Officers are larger than life by necessity. The sheer breadth of technology in the world demands a global management scope and truckloads of digital production.... It’s a juncture, a place of synthesis in the C-suite, the best combination of the CTO, CIO and CMO. Most importantly, the Chief Digital Officer is the CEO’s best friend.
Wow. That’s quite a definition. What’s your view on CIOs and CDOs? Write to me here:

Speaker Gallery

We organise 2 expos dedicated to the digital water and energy sectors and focus on innovations that have the potential to radically change how utilities operate: Asian Utility Week on 27-28 June in Bangkok; and Australian Utility Week on 21-22 November in Melbourne. Here we profile new speakers across our expos that play a key role in delivering digital transformation strategies within their organisation. If you sign up for our shows, you can meet them in person.  Utilities get free tickets!
Rebecca Chenery
Watercare Services
New Zealand
Tim Driscoll
Director of Solution Marketing
Grid Edge
  Yoshihisa Ishikawa
Product Manager Sensor & Module Division
Australian Utility Week
  Asian Utility Week   Asian Utility Week
Cobus Nel
New Zealand
  Fatima Alkadhim
Leader, SHE
Angela Bee Chan Innovation Lead Pacific
Schneider ElectricAustralia
Australian Utility Week   Asian Utility Week   Australian Utility Week
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