Award Categories

1) Best Smart Australian Utility Week Startup – based on the presentation at the event

This award goes to the best performing startup as featured on day one of our event. Startups need to have been incorporated within 5 years – for more information please refer to the Initiate! Startup Programme Application Form. Judges will assess on-the-day performance along with other relevant details including: Profit Potential; Business Model; Customer Validation; Technical Execution Plan; and Team Capabilities.

2) Best AMI or IoT Network Rollout Project

This award celebrates the achievements within the past year of an AMI Infrastructure rollout or comprehensive trial of an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems. The award will be assessed upon factors including: Size of the rollout; Whether the rollout offers superior customer value; Degree of interoperability, open architecture and security, and: Having the right product, servicing the customer properly, and delivering in a timely fashion.

3) Best Digital Transformation Project

This award celebrates the accomplishments within the past year of Utility Digital Transformation Project to cost effectively improve utility performance across key organisational goals including: Revenue Generation; Network Performance; Large scale Renewable Integration; Improving workforce management; Achieving customer engagement; Improving energy efficiency, and; Achieving Operational excellence. Consideration will be given to the complexity of the overall digital ecosystem and the degree to which the project incorporates technological evolutions such as: AMI infrastructure; The Internet of Things; and Cyber Security Protection.

4) Best Customer Engagement Project

This award recognizes the utility that implements within the past year an effective Customer Engagement Project which incorporates customer-facing online energy analysis, and education applications to the utility industry while achieving a consistent, cohesive brand experience. Consideration will be given to the most creative marketing, customer engagement and overall innovation in creating positive customer experiences and achieving energy savings or other specified project goals. This award covers both residential, SME and C&I customer categories. It includes self-service portals, mobile apps and other social media innovations.

5) Best Demand Side Management - Energy Efficiency Project

This award is for the utility or Energy Services Company that within the past year implements DSM or Energy Efficiency programs that reduce energy demand for the end-user, manage and control loads from the utility side, and converts energy practices into more efficient and sustainable energy use including the use of Distributed Energy. Consideration will be given to factors such as: Use of technical innovations; Achieving high levels of environmental stewardship; Achieving remarkable energy efficiency and conservation goals; Creating successful incentive programs to engage customers, and; Utilising and adapting to real time information data. This award covers both Residential, SME and Large Energy Users.

Submission deadline: 29 July 2017

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